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Talent acquisition is not a core competency for many organizations and often represents a major challenge. In response to this challenge we have developed a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering, that we manage on behalf of our clients. Our managed services solutions are for organizations seeking a complete end-to-end talent management solution. Our services can enhance or replace “any” or “all” portions of the recruitment process. These services can be delivered in an on-site vendor premise model or through an off-site model.

Our solution is best suited for enterprises that may be looking to hire staff quickly, improve efficiency in the staffing process, gain access to recruitment experts or reduce overall staffing costs. Whatever the case, we have a solution that can help.

Key benefits to our clients include:

  • Increased quality and timeliness of recruitment by leveraging the expertise of our recruitment experts, our processes are aligned with industry standard best practices and our state of the technology solutions are designed to automate and enhance the recruitment process
  • Access to our external candidate networks
  • A scalable hiring solution that can expand and contract with business cycles
  • Improved quality of candidates and conservation of hiring executive’s time – we present only the best qualified candidates who can add immediate value to your team
  • Decreased internal capital investments in the recruitment function by avoiding non-strategic investments in resources and technology
  • Measurable savings in recruitment costs and performance metrics for quality, efficiency and time

Flexible engagement options including time and materials, fixed price or shared benefits.

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